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Does a Measured Building Survey Increase My Property’s Value?

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When you’re looking to sell or improve your property, you might hear about a measured building survey. This survey gives a detailed look at your building’s structure, layout, and features. But, the big question is, does it add value to your property?

What is a Measured Building Survey?

A measured building survey is a close look at your building. It checks and records every part of the building. This means looking at both the inside and the outside. It shows all the sizes and spaces in the building. It also shows where everything is, like doors and windows. People who know a lot about buildings do this work. They use special tools to measure. 

These tools are very good and they make the work fast. This is important because it needs to be right. If it is wrong, it can cause problems. These problems can be about time and money. So, it is good to get someone who knows how to do this well. 

This kind of survey is very useful. It helps when you want to make changes or add to your building. It gives you all the details you need. This way, you can make good plans and choices for your property.

The cost, on the other hand, can vary, since there are numerous factors that will affect how much you pay for a survey, which can include:

  • Size of property
  • Location
  • Required Project Accuracy
  • CAD Drawings & Required Detail

Still, you can expect to pay anywhere from £1000 and £2000 + VAT from a reputable survey company.

Benefits of a Measured Building Survey

  • Accurate Information: A measured building survey gives you very clear and detailed information about your building. This includes the size and layout. It’s really helpful for things like designing, building, and looking after your property. With this information, you can make good choices about your building​​.
  • Better Planning: This survey helps you plan better. It shows you what your building is like now. This way, you can decide how to change or use your building in the best way​​.
  • Safety: The survey can spot safety problems. It might find parts of the building that are weak or need fixing. This is good because it helps to keep everyone safe​​.
  • Increased Value: When you have a measured survey, it can make your property worth more. It gives people who might want to buy or rent your building all the important details they need. This makes your property more attractive to them​​.

How It Works

A measured building survey works smartly. People who are experts in buildings use special tools to measure everything. They use things like lasers. These lasers can measure very well and they are fast. This is much better than old ways of measuring. 

They also use cameras. These cameras can send pictures straight to computers. This helps a lot. They look at things like how high the ceilings are. They also check how thick the floors and walls are. They measure the walls from both inside and outside. This helps them get the right sizes for the building. They use other tools too, like Google Maps and GPS. 

These tools help them understand the building’s design and where it is. This way, they make sure they don’t make mistakes. If they get something wrong, it can cause big problems. This can mean more time and money spent to fix it. That’s why they need to be very careful and use the right tools​​.

Importance of Accuracy

Being accurate in a measured building survey is very important. If the survey is not right, it can cause a lot of problems. These problems can be about time and money. For example, if the sizes in the survey are wrong, it can delay building work. 

It can also lead to arguments between people working on the project. Sometimes, it can even cause legal problems. That’s why the person doing the survey must know a lot about buildings. They must understand how to measure correctly. They also need to work well with other people in the project. Everyone needs to be on the same page. 

If the survey is accurate, it helps everything go smoothly. It means less stress and less chance of making mistakes. This is good for everyone involved in the project. It makes sure that the building work goes well without any unnecessary delays or extra costs​​.

Bottom Line

A measured building survey can be a smart move. It not only gives you a clear understanding of your property but can also increase its value. This makes it more appealing to potential buyers or tenants. Remember, the key to a successful survey is accuracy and working with a professional.

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